Dear Jacqui,

I admire you so much.
your ‘strength’… there are just no words for it!
No.It will “never” be easy living without your son.
It can’t ever be easy for a mother to go through this.
Stay strong.

Please continue to write about him & about all the adventures you & Ryan shared together.
I promise- we will continue to read, & help keep his memory alive with you.
He ‘is’ precious and -HE LIVES- through you, through your stories, through the pictures, through your love and through the hearts of many of us who are listening to his story.

All our love from (my family to yours)- La Mirada, CA.

‘keep writing about him. we are listening.’

(I just wanted to say that again… so that hopefully you hear me;) ūüėČ ūüėČ
–> amongst all the other people commenting on your blog.

I also wanted to share something… I watched as you posted the picture of the 3 little balloons you found on your walk the other day….
It was amazing- the feed blew up within seconds- first 50 likes, to hundreds (in seconds), then thousands.

Jacqui- your son has touched soooo many lives. I hate that I learned about him through the tragedy and not prior. But, please take comfort in knowing that we ALL are grieving with you. We hurt for the pain that you and your husband are left with. I wish that you could have him.

BUT! You have to give yourself credit for being an amazing mom. You have to know that all those little visits to the ice cream shop and Disneyland, put a big beautiful smile on his face. You made him happy. You showed him sooo much love day in and day out. In those moments when you are just hanging out with him in bed just enjoying every single moment together.

Jacqui- he took ALL of that with him. All those wonderful moments. And you, have all those memories to re-live over and over again (via his pictures).

My little one and I are going to try a little RYAN PROJECT of our own.
We are going to try to re-create all of his pictures.
So, little by little we are going to duplicate ryan’s pictures (through my daughter) –> doing the sidewalk chalk, the ice cream parlor trips, the Disney pix!, the Red chucks, the munching on cake batter — all of them.
I’ll try to tag you each time we do.
This is our gift to you, our way of remembering him.

All our love.


Enjoying the park with my girl…

Image    This is my daughter РHannah. She wanted to go on a walk the other day.

So! As soon as I got home from work, she is standing in front of me with a big ‘ole grin looking like she’s up to something.

Then she blurts it out! “Mom, can we take a walk to the park- please?”¬†¬†

In my mind I’m thinking… Shoot! I just walked in.¬†

But — that quickly changes to — wait! Not cool “MOM.¬†


So! Of course, I say yes… “even though I am exhausted from the long drive home”.¬†

She grabs her bike! I grab my camera! “Let’s Go!”Image

¬†As I’m walking, she’s riding her bike.¬†Singing “you are my sunshine, my only shunshine — you make me happy, when skies are grey”

then, periodically yelling:

¬†“Mom- do you want me to slow down for you”. As if she is going so fast.


We get to the park, sit down in the middle of a big empty, freshly cut lawn. You know — Hanging out… Just chillin’


Then, we see a pair of ducks hanging out near by.


¬†Hannah’s¬†checking them out /// outta the corner of her eye.

‘Careful not to make any sudden moves…’


All of a sudden they walk right up to us.

(Hannah was getting a kick outta this)!!!

They walk right up! Sit down and just Chill. It was pretty cool.


¬†I know- who cares — they’re just ducks!

But, honestly We’re kinda scared of ducks…

“Those beaks they have look¬†pretty¬†fierce”!


But — these two had no hidden agenda!

They were just so peaceful & calm.

They literally were just sitting there & my little¬†“nature girl” was enjoying every minute.


It was time for them to go…






Stopping to smell the “wanna be” roses…


I love that we can do little things like this and have such a great time.

I love that she sees the beauty in the simplest things like:

-Hanging with these two little ducks

-Stopping to smell¬†the wanna be “Roses”

-& watching the SUN SET!!!

“couldn’t of asked for a better evening- with my girl.”


Always make the time – to create memories with your littles ūüėÄ

“you won’t regret it!”

These are the moments that mean the most!